“Dr. Kunamneni is amazing at what she does!  She is a bright light with her positive energy, welcoming personality and compassion that she has for her work and for everyone she interacts with. Her professionalism, compassion, patience, understanding, knowledge and dedication in helping people overcome life’s challenges and personal battles is something to be admired.   She is amazingly insightful and has the natural ability to help people deal with life’s challenges.  Her work comes from her heart and she truly cares about the impact she makes in the lives of those whom she serves.
In addition to her practice, she makes daily contributions in the community helping at-risk, incarcerated youth, and she creates informative and e
mpowering support groups and workshops in the community, that truly make a positive impact for those in attendance whom benefit from the knowledge, skills and information she shares with others.
Dr. Kunamneni’s expertise, skills to connect with people and her use of incorporating various therapy modalities such as guided meditations and EFT into her psychotherapy practice, helps to create successful and empowering individualized case plans unique for each patient.  Dr. Hyma Kunamneni works together with her patients on a journey helping them uncover and remember their great potential and the light of hope in their lives.
I find these characteristics as a rarity in the field of psychotherapy, so it’s refreshing and amazing to witness and know that Dr. Kunamneni is one of the few leading psychologists in the community who stands out among the best, up-to-date and wise colleagues in the profession.   I am fortunate to witness the impact she makes in others and I too have personally benefited and learned so much from her. Thank you Dr. Kunamneni!”
– Sara Cunningham, MSW

“I want to tell you how much we enjoy Dr. Hyma.  She is a great teacher and so nice.  I hope to take many more classes from her.” – Kathy Walsh

“My time with Dr. Hyma was outstanding; she has helped my inner being.” – Joyce Cates

  • Dr. Hyma Kunamneni as an MI trainer:
    Solid command of material and great demonstration of MI techniques
  • answered questions succinctly and knowledgeably
  • warm and friendly interaction style
  • elicited information from students, engaged students in activities
  • conscious of and responded to the energy of the class
  • did a great job of moving on when there were some technical problems …very smooth transitions
  • worked equally well with all trainers, very flexible
  • very organized regarding time and material too
    Overall, Hyma is very personable. Her training style is relaxed, inclusive of the students and organized. She is knowledgeable about MI and was able to roll with resistance when it came up. Michelle Brennon,  MI Certified trainer

“Dr. Hyma always presents with brilliant work, above reproach in all respects” – Dr. Eric Kunkel, Chief Psychologist, CDCR, State of California.

“Dr. Hyma is an excellent therapist and an asset to our facility. She is outstanding in her patient care as well as in working with her colleagues. She demonstrated good knowledge of DBT, facilitated partial hospital program, and worked on developing adolescent program.” – Candice Melton, Marriage & Family Therapist, St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center, Stockton.

I was fortunate enough to attend the CBT training Dr. Hyma was teaching and I know she will do a tremendous job for any organization. Her expertise will provide an enhanced learning in the training of this subject for any staff as it did for my staff at the facility. Thanks, Captain Bob McCollum

Dr. Hyma,

Thank You for your commitment and passion and clarity and gentleness and thoughtful communication and your awareness and personal practice and being able to instruct connecting your head with your own experience and being able to generalize it in language that “everyman” can relate to and so much more!!! – Jim Linderman, Cancer Center Coordinator, SJMC

I have known and have been a colleague of Dr. Kunamneni for over 2 years. I have consulted with her and have been fortunate enough to have been in several of her DBT and MI training workshops during this time. While Dr. Kunamneni is a caring and loving human being, she  is also a  seasoned and highly skilled professional and has been a great role model for her colleagues and her patients.  Her progressive and interactive approach will help others navigate through life’s difficulties while celebrating the learning that comes with a deeper  understanding of oneself and relationship with others. She is highly skilled in her approach to treatment and teaching. What she stands for is feeling positive about yourself and learning new practices and techniques to improve your ability to make choices and increase all the potential one has in their life….I recommend her work highly. – Sophia Johnson, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Hyma displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility, accountability, competency, and is very passionate and committed to excellent patient care – Dr. Matthews Smith, Chief Psychiatrist

Dr. Hyma Kunamneni is exceptional. She has a unique blend of the eastern mindset with the western psychology training. That coupled with her passion for ongoing learning in mind-body connection and energy psychology give her work a new twist, the best in all – Janice Watts, LCSW

Hi Hyma,
I wanted  to tell u how extremely helpful your teaching has been for me. I have already made much progress in only two sessions. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in class because they are so much like my own.Peggy

“Thank you so much for coming to our school. The information you shared with us is very beneficial. I’m sure that we will put it to good use immediately!” Princetta Purkins, Principal of Park Lane Elementary School

This program has been an eye opener for me. It had reduced a host of fears in dealing with an illness. I have learned that stress does not control me. I control stress. I have a right to pick and choose what I will allow to come in my human spirit. It has made me more focused and centered, more intuned with myself and my thoughts. I am relaxed and accepting that I truly am an over-comer, a survivor. I know that I have the steps and the
tools that I can use immediately to overcome any setback. All of the information was useful. I appreciate the history, how you backed your knowledge and information. Thank you. Christian Zetzer

This training has been very helpful. Everything I have heard before was described in a different way that I could connect with, because of so many examples given that I could relate to. I loved the total content. What I liked the best is the emphasis on some stress relief practices with a discussion of each member’s experience, feedback, and examples given for clarification. Adriana Crolley

Dr. Hyma’s approach and teaching style are wonderful. She has such a calm way of teaching others how to reduce stress and to recognize what the causes are. I loved everything. It is a great introduction to a variety of powerful techniques. It went by too
fast. I want more of these classes. Sharon Smith

Dr. Hyma is highly qualified to teach this. She has answered all my questions. She has a great voice for relaxation. She is very organized and presented useful information. I have enjoyed all the sessions and want more of them. – Armando Valerio

What a marvelous class that provided stress relief techniques from a gentle, kind and knowledgeable instructor. Teresa Mandela

I really enjoyed the class. I loved your energy and the way you presented the various techniques. – Debbie Brosten

Very beneficial, valuable techniques taught in a highly interesting style to help reduce personal stress. – Sharie Goodfellow

Dr. Hyma,

It’s been such a wonderful experience attending your class & learning all the different techniques on ways I can relieve stress! Lord knows I need them. Thank you for your time & sensitive tender heart for those in need of healing. You are amazingly
awesome!!!!! I pray that God will bless you bountifully & open doors for you in all the directions you want to go. I truly have mads some significant changes in monitoring stress as a result of your class. May this year bring you all types of surprises in the forms of blessings!

Warmest Regards ……………Touch, Move & Inspire One Precious Life at a Time!

Zee Christian, Author
Health & Wellness Champion

Dr. Hyma,
Thank you for your enlightening classes and great communications in-between. Your class and teaching has exceeded my expectations and I’m sorry that it is ending
tomorrow night. Like any support group I’ve ever been involved in, it is nice to be in the presence of people who are open and receptive to new ideas to help them, as Oprah says, “live their best life”. I appreciate your clarity and calmness as you teach us the new techniques. As a teacher myself, I know it’s important to listen as you teach and I see that you do it well. I am trying to use at least one relaxation technique a day. I like having a variety as I’m sure some will work for me better than others. Hopefully I will be mindful to work one or more into my routine forever. Certainly, stress isn’t going to go away. I have read many studies about forming habits and most suggest that one must do something many, many ( forgot how many) times before it becomes habit. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to laugh. I’m a serious person with lots
of unresolved issues and I need to laugh out loud more often. It felt really good when we all laughed together. I will try to get the endorphins going!!! Thank you again. If you ever present any similar classes please put me on that mailing list. Sharon Petzold

3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Indiana Castillo says:

    I had the wonderful opportunity to be treated by Dr.Hyma for more than 6 years. She helped me so much while I suffered from cancer in seeing the positive side of everything and not let the cancer take over me emotionally. She also helped me with family issues I was having. She helped me have a better life and taught me how to not get depressed or anxious when there were bad occurences in my life. Everytime I felt that I was drowning in stress and depression and I’d go see her, I’d leave her office feeling amazing and rejuvinated. I strongly recommend her CDs because they also helped me very much when I would listen to them. Thank you Dr. Hyma for everything you’ve helped me with! You are truly an extraordinary Doctor.

    • hyma says:

      Thank you so much Indiana for your kind words. It is so nice to see you found me. You are a wonderful loving person and more love and joy to you.

  2. Wilma Bianchi says:

    I took a meditation class and a stress relief class from Dr. Hyma. I can’t tell you just how beneficial it has been for me. I learned techniques that are useful to use everyday. The one thing that I took away that I think is life changing is that I have a much better understanding of how to take care of the “little girl” in me. This seems like a very easy thing to do but in real life, it’s not that easy. I use what I have learned for Dr. Hyma everyday. The time I spent in her class was well worth every minute and I would recommend anyone on the fence about taking her class to take it.
    Wilma Bianchi

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