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“Release Stress, Live Joyfully” Class @ Bikram Yoga

Are you Feeling Stressed? We all demonstrate stress in different ways. Sometimes it is difficult to even realize that we are exhibiting signs of stress until it’s too late. When we are stressed-out, it is reflected in our body, mind … Continue reading

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Stress:Is it possible to be stress-free?

One of my best friends asked me – How can we really be stress free? Life demands so much from us on a daily basis, I can’t see how it would be possible? This comment coming from a successful physician … Continue reading

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Can stress hurt your heart?

Stress is a major risk factor for your heart health. To release stress, use relaxation, connect with friends, let go of grudges, release perfectionism, sleep well and learn to deal with your emotions with detachment. Continue reading

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Tweets of Stressed People

So many people feeling stressed and not knowing how to cope with those feelings; can help themselves with stress relief tools and techniques. Continue reading

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