Stress Test

The Holmes and Rahe stress scale:

This is a list of 41 stressful life events that can contribute to illness. In 1967, psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe examined the medical records of over 5,000 medical patients as a way to determine whether stressful events might cause illnesses. Patients were asked to tally a list of 43 life events based on a relative score. A positive 0.1 correlation was found between their life events and their illnesses. Subsequent validation has supported the links between stress and illness.

Find your stress level by clicking on the link below: Then check the events you have experienced in your life in the last year. Add up the numbers to get your total stress score.

We all experience stress in different ways. Inability to cope is usually demonstrated in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. If you would like to get a comprehensive idea of the different stress symptoms you might be experiencing, take a few minutes to answer the following questionnaire. Click on the link, print out the stress test, answer, and keep it for your record. The score indicates your current stress level. Practice stress management. Use the stress relief tools. You may later take this test again and compare your score to see the changes.

Personal Stress Symptom Inventory

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