Stress-Free Community

  • Do you feel like a helpless victim of your feelings?
  • Does your low energy stop you from doing what you want to do?
  • Is your anxiety coming in the way to realize your full potential?
  • Is getting a good night of sleep an unfulfilled desire?
  • Is the mounting stress in your life affecting your mental/physical well-being?

Join the community! Learn to release the stress in your life! Create a stress-free blissful life!

This is a psycho-educational program designed to teach you very practical, proven and effective tools to deal with the issues such as those listed above – right here, at your own pace! You choose the level of support you want.

stay in touch by reading the blog and posting your comments
browse through the stress articles
check out the stress relief tools
join the online classes and individual coaching by phone
When feasible, attend the in-person workshops

Stop living your life as a reactive participant!

Start being a creative partner in your life!

One Response to Stress-Free Community

  1. Sharie says:

    After taking your workshop at St. Joseph’s Hospital, I want to be a member of your stress-free community.

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