Stress Relief: 3 Powerful Yoga Techniques

Yoga Class by Dr. Sri Krishna

What is the purpose of yoga?
Yoga means join (unite). It is to join the individual self with the universal self.

 I. Meditation with Pranayama (Breathing): 20 minutes.
Breathing in – “Sooo”
Breathing out – “Hum”

Repeat those two sounds within yourself silently or mentally as you breathe in and out slowly. Mentally, start with a small volume, and increase the volume with each breath – extending from your room, to your building, to your town, to your whole state. Now gradually bring the volume down. Repeat the sequence going up and down in volume.

 II. Arm Exercises: that burn calories, reduce pain in shoulders and spondilitis:

 Keep your forearms parallel to floor with both hands joined in namaskar mudra in front of your chest. Take a deep breath, hold and press the hands against each other for as long as you can hold, counting numbers within. Relax, breathe out, let the hands relax. Repeat this 4 times, increasing the count by one each time.

  1. Forearms parallel to ground, fingers bent like a big hook, interlock and pull the arms against each other while holding breath in. Relax hands as you breathe out. Repeat 4 times.
  2. Raise your right arm straight up. With your left hand across your chest, grasp the shoulder blade. Now with your right arm across your chest grasp your left scapula. Take a deep breath in, hold your arms tight, giving yourself a snug hug. Relax as you breathe out. Repeat 4 times.
  3. Raise your arms up above your head. Bend at elbows, grasp each other and pull against each other, while holding a deep breath. Relax as you breathe out. Repeat 4 times.

 III. Bhramari Pranayama:

Benefits: Relieves cerebral tension; removes anger, anxiety & frustration; reduces blood pressure. Eliminates throat ailments; strengthens and improves the voice.

 1. Sit comfortably with spinal cord erect and head straight.
2. Close your eyes, relax.
3. Keep your mouth closed, teeth joined gently with tongue pressed against the roof of the mouth.
4. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly producing a continuous humming sound like a bee.
5. Let the exhalation be slow and steady. Feel the sound vibrations in the brain and pay attention to the sound only.
Optional: Shut your ears tight with your forefingers on either side if you can comfortably do it. If your arms or ears hurt, don’t have to do it. Keep your spine and head upright, upper arms on side parallel to floor, close the three fingers with thumb while the pointing finger is straight out, and place it by your ear and close the ear tight by pressing the ear protrusion onto the hole. While holding this tight, sound the ‘hum’ as above.

Repeat this 21 times if you can.

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