Stress Diary

Keeping a stress diary is an effective way of finding out both what causes you stress, and what level of stress you prefer. Note your stress levels and how you feel throughout the day in this diary.

Right Click here to print a copy of stress diary you can fill in

After a few weeks you should be able to see some patterns in this record. This should give you two types of information:
1. You should be able to understand the level of stress you are happiest with, and the level of stress at which you work most effectively. You may find that your performance is good even when you feel upset by stress.
2. You should know what the main sources of unpleasant stress in your life are. You should understand what circumstances make the stresses particularly unpleasant, and should begin to understand whether your strategies for handling the stresses are effective or not.

Having this information will help you make choices. Knowing what the sources of stress are in your life, what does and doesn’t work for you to cope, and what resources you have that empower you to cut back where there is too much stress and to deal with the existing stress in effective, efficient ways.

4 Responses to Stress Diary

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  2. Brenda says:

    I suffer from anxiety disorder and stress

    • hyma says:

      I am sorry that you are suffering Brenda. Make sure you attend the Love Yourself class for free this Tuesday from 5.30 to 7pm at St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Stockton by the auditorium. See you there. Want to see you feeling better soon. Hyma

  3. Brenda says:

    I suffer from anxiety and stress

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