Tweets of Stressed People

As I scanned Twitter today, I saw people saying that they’re stressed and want to:

· I think I need Margaritas tonight
· Punching stuff
· Hot bath and a cold beer
· Work sucks balls today. I think I’m going to say f*ck it all and call out tomorrow and go to the gun range
· If I did drugs, I feel like right now would be a great time to pop a few
· Tomorrow I’m slappin’ whoever gets on my nerves
· I have a hell of a lot on my mind, some people never change
· I’m stressed out over the price of a plane ticket
· Today has been up and down! It’s been amazing then god awful! Feeling rather stressed and just holding my food down
· I have one hour before work and three hours after work to get about 400 things done. Stressed much? I should say so.

Do you ever feel that way? Most of us feel that way at times.

It is not fun to be in that space. It gets worse if we act on those impulses. Our stress level can skyrocket from “the frying pan directly into the fire.”

You know what I mean?

Drinking or using drugs to calm your nerves or getting into arguments with people at home or at work may make you feel better for the moment, but end up causing more grief and stress. I don’t even have to mention the consequences of acting on impulses of hurting ourselves or others.

My heart goes out for those who wrote the comments above. I am sure they are writing about it to vent and maybe feel better; or they are asking for help. I hope that they do not intend to act on those impulses. At the same time, they may not know what else to do to help themselves.

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