Relax & Reconnect With Your Inner Joy & Wisdom

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Relax & Reconnect With Your Inner Joy & Wisdom is a soothing guided journey to the inner peace that resides in all of us. Dr. Hyma Kunamneni, Ph.D, expertly combines relaxation techniques with gentle music and verbal suggestions to help you create that safe place, and reunite with your inner child and the higher self so that we can be in tune with our deeper emotions and inner wisdom.

With Relax & Reconnect With Your Inner Joy & Wisdom you can:

  • Relax
  • Reduce stress
  • Help your body heal
  • Expand creativity
  • Develop inner confidence
  • Increase self-acceptance
  • Partner with inner strength/higher power
  • Expand your potential to realize your dreams

Your journey to relaxation includes the following 6 steps:

1. Introduction to Guided Imagery
2. Practicing Deep Breathing
3. Relaxing Your Body with Golden Light
4. Discovering Your Special Place
5. Reuniting with your inner child
6. Connecting with your inner guide

For those who have difficulty in relaxing easily, it is recommended that you first listen to Enjoy Your Stress-Free Body Now. It lays the relaxation groundwork to train your body to communicate with your mind and master the skill of relaxation. These relaxation skills will help you get a deeper experience with Relax & Reconnect With Your Inner Joy & Wisdom.


I had the wonderful opportunity to be treated by Dr.Hyma for more than 6 years. She helped me so much while I suffered from cancer in seeing the positive side of everything and not let the cancer take over me emotionally. She also helped me with family issues I was having. She helped me have a better life and taught me how to not get depressed or anxious when there were bad occurrences in my life. Every time I felt that I was drowning in stress and depression and I’d go see her, I’d leave her office feeling amazing and rejuvenated. I strongly recommend her CDs because they also helped me very much when I would listen to them. Thank you Dr. Hyma for everything you’ve helped me with! You are truly an extraordinary doctor.

– Indiana Castillo

Dear Dr. Hyma,

Thank you for checking on our stress levels so diligently!  I try to use the autogenic training at least once a day and enjoy its effectiveness.  The guided imagery CD is a great tool for relaxation and also for opening up the channels for imagination and creativity.  Thank you again for sending it to me. I continue to look forward to using both as often as possible.

Sharie Goodfellow

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