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Hymavathi Kunamneni, Ph.D. goes by Dr. Hyma for short is the Founder of the International Stress Relief Academy [ISRA] which specializes in stress management.

Dr. Hyma is a clinical psychologist and spiritual life coach. She skillfully intertwines her western clinical training with eastern spiritual discipline and energy methods to help people quickly release stress, and become emotionally fit to create the life of their dreams.

ISRA is your home for stress relief. It not only provides a strong knowledge base and powerful tools and techniques for stress relief, but it is also a community to share your stories and interact with others, while providing customizable and personal assistance to support you in your journey to liberation from stress.

If you find that certain events in your life are causing great stress and affecting your well-being, take action and regain control, look through the material on this site.

Originally from India, Dr. Hyma now lives in Stockton, California, is married, and is the grandmother of 3 beautiful girls.

Dr. Hyma is trained in various psychotherapeutic modalities such as: Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, Motivational Interviewing, mindfulness training, Energy Psychology etc. She has also attended several meditation retreats and incorporate this personal practice in her life. Even though she’s worked with various psychiatric problems, stress management has become my specialty. She has turned her clinical practice into coaching practice only.

In addition to individual work, she conducts online classes, in-person workshops, seminars and weekend retreats to teach stress management skills. Dr. Hyma has been providing  stress management classes at the St. Joseph’s Regional Cancer Center, Stockton.  Participants learn to cope with stress on physical, emotional and spiritual levels using yoga, guided imagery, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, various relaxation techniques, and energy psychology methods.  Participants learn to use their mind to heal their body, to let go of distressful thinking patterns, to change the beliefs that are not serving them and make fundamental shifts in their paradigm in deeper unconscious levels.

It makes it all worth for Dr. Hyma when she repeatedly hears her participants say, “you don’t know what you have done for me; my life has changed 180 degrees; I was so stressed and have been to so many programs but has never felt so relaxed.” They insisted that she make relaxation CDs even when she informed them that there are hundreds of relaxation CDs already available. They say that there is something about her voice, maybe it’s her Indian accent, that makes it especially conducive to deeply relaxing them. So, she has made CDs for relaxation using different techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training and guided imagery.  The general CDs she’s made help with sleep and stress management have been very popular and helpful. Dr. Hyma also makes customized CDs for clients dealing with various other emotional issues, dealing with pain, major illness etc.

Dr. Hyma’s clients report that they feel great and feel like they have recharged their batteries after a visit with her and wish they can have more of it. But she can’t see them too often due to limitations of time and money, etc. Also the participants from the training programs request more information and ongoing support. Most of us need ongoing education, support and coaching to stick to our program, and a community that supports our efforts. Founding International Stress Relief Academy is her effort to create that online community for you. Welcome to our community.

Please note: This is not psychotherapy. You should consult with your individual provider regarding your particular issues and for any concerns on using the techniques and information provided here as it relates to you. Also, please read the disclaimer.

3 Responses to About Me

  1. durga says:

    we r very proud of our loving fnd hymagaru by seeing this wonderful website!!!!congrats n all the best!!!!in india the main problem enti ante ladies chalamandi baga depressions face chestunnaru.lonliness oka pedda dicease aindi chuttoo entamandi vunnakuda!!premapoorita todu korukuntunnaru.

    • hyma says:

      Dear Durgagaru,
      Thank you for your love and best wishes.
      You are right. It is strange but we can feel lonely even when we have a lot of people around us. The worst suffering is when we feel no connection with the people around us. It is our basic need to want to connect and be loved unconditionally. We attempt to get this by being distinct and special, wearing nice clothes and jewelry, making great food and throwing big parties and gifts. If we want love, we got to give love, not things. You can use the things to show your love, but that love is the backbone.

      The bottom line is: We need to start by giving what we want to receive. If I want someone to love me unconditionally, I need to start by loving someone unconditionally. If I want my husband to be patient with me and talk to me lovingly, I need to start by doing that for him. We may be treating him nice, taking care of him, serving nice food and all but we need to take a look at our heart, the deeper feelings towards him – how much judgment, criticism, impatience, how much we try to change him or wish he were different, those feelings are what keep us separate from him.
      We feel lonely not because the people around us are keeping us away, but we keep them away by our judgment of them. If you are around people who really are not your match, then you have to arrange your life in such a way that you do have those people that you can relate to. Ultimately, it is our life. It is our responsibility to make it the way that works for us.

      I took your comment as an opportunity to remind all our sisters that they really do have that power to create the kind of life they want or to just stay resigned and take the life as it comes by default. My goal by creating this website is to connect with you all so we can support and help each other create the life that we want and deserve, filled with love and joy.

  2. Susan Martin says:

    Hyma, I haven’t been able to attend your recent seminars but I am interested in scheduling any future opportunities in the future. When and where will there be more opportunities to experience your instruction in the future?

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